Black Water


Prologue (4:11)
 MP3 file (4.09)

Kelly Aria (5:32)
 MP3 file (3:36)

Welcome, Senator (5:34)
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Women's Quintet (5:34)
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Kelly's Aria/Senator's Aria (6:35)
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Tennis Match (3:35)
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Barbecue (6:57)
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The Seduction (6:21)
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John Duffy

What the critics are saying about this new opera -
A haunting American tragedy...

" some point the listener no longer feels like a bemused bystander, watching yet another episode of a Washington soap opera, and becomes caught up in a real opera of universal tragedy. The ending is devastating - an excellent tonic for the nightly news." -Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

"This is brilliant musical theater..", "...remarkable for its resourceful identification of character even in the cleverly intertwined ensembles", "...authentic masterpiece not to be missed." -Alan Rich, LA Weekly

Read Gavin Borchert's review of Off-Center Opera's production of Black Water from Seattle Weekly.

Black Water
was recorded before a live audience at the
Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, July 8-12, 1998.
John Duffy writes,
"My constant goal was to find the most effective manner of setting clearly understood, idiomatic American speech, while providing music that would express a dark, foreboding undercurrent of danger. I wanted to convey the richness of American political life - its flag waving, speechifying idealism - and the freshness of a typical American holiday party. And I wanted to find a musical means to express the horror that can result when cowardice overpowers conscience."

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