Freedom Works


Ancient People...Noah's Covenant (3:27) (2:32)
 MP3 1:44 (1.6MB)

Exile: By the Riversof Babylon and Destruction of the Temple (2:32)
 MP3 2:14 (2.0MB)

Lament and Survival...Heritage (4:05)
 MP3 1:49 (1.7MB)

Prelude (3:45)
 MP3 1:39 (1.5MB)

Christianity (0:41)
 MP3 :41 (654kb)

Islam (2:32)
 MP3 1:03 (988kb)

Moorish Spain...Moorish Dance (2:13)
 MP3 2:13 (2.1MB)

America (1.30)
 MP3 1:15 (1.1MB)

Holocaust (3:06)
 MP3 3:06 (2.9MB)

Israel (4:22)
 MP3 2:57 (1.3MB)

John Duffy

Freedom Works CD

Freedom Works
Freedom Overture (4:34)
 MP3 1:46 (1.6MB)

The Dead (6:51)
 MP3 1:25 (1.3MB)

Letters Home (3:27)
 MP3 1:48 (1.6MB)

I Want to Die Easy (6:01)
 MP3 2:58 (2.7MB)

An End to War (5:28)
 MP3 3:32 (2.7MB)

Blow out, You Bugles, Over the Rich Dead (4:34)
 MP3 4:34 (3.2MB)

The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry (1:48)
 MP3 1:48 (1.7MB)

The Shtetl (5:48)
 MP3 1:33 (1.4MB)

The Rabbi's Dance(1:59)
 MP3 1:59 (1.7MB)

God's Wildness (9:06)
 MP3 2:20 (2.1MB)

Requiem for Glen Canyon (7:03)
 MP3 3:10 (2.9MB)

Puwa (6:46)
 MP3 2:10 (2.0MB)

A Time for Remembrance
was commissioned by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Parks Service and the USS Arizona Memorial, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.A picture of John
The composer dedicates this in remebrance of all those who died in the war: the men, women, and children killed and maimed at Pearl Harbor. His own family was scarred by the war. A sister, a cousin-dead. A brother wounded.
John Duffy writes,
"I composed
A Time for Remembrance
to honor the war dead and to help heal the hearts of their loved ones. I wrote this music in remembrance of those who suffered the agony and pain of death in war...May peace reign on earth for their sake. A Time for Remembrance is for all victims of war, regardless of nationality. For death and violence do not distinguish, nor weigh merit. And war is the cruellest folly."

Heritage: Symphonic Suite with Narration
, conducted by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta, Director, narrated by Abba Eban, comes from his score for the nine-hour PBS series Heritage: Civilization and the Jews narrated by Abba Eban, which earned Duffy an Emmy Award.

Critical Acclaim for Duffy's work... "Duffy's Heritage Suite for Narrator and Orchestra was the musical highpoint of the evening -Washington Post

"Outstanding is Duffy's memorable music (for Heritage: Civilization and the Jews)." -New York Times

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