Symphonic Dances
Heritage Fanfare & Chorale (3:16)
 MP3 1:39 (967kb)

Overture (6:31)
 MP3 1:44 (1.2MB)

David and Bathsheba (4:20)
 MP3 4:20 (4.0MB)

Dance of the Golden Calf (2:15)
 MP3 2:15 (2.1MB)

Finale: Prophecy (3:48)
 MP3 1:28 (1.7MB)

Davi's Dance (3:01)
 MP3 1:23 (1.3MB)

The Rabbi's Dance (2:01)
 MP3 2:01 (1.9MB)

Renaissance Dance (2:12)
 MP3 2:12 (2.0MB)

Spanish Dance (1:50)
 MP3 1:50 (4.0MB)

America (4:00)
 MP3 1:43 (1.6MB)

Waltz (3:19)
 MP3 3:19 (3.1MB)

John Duffy


Heritage Fanfare and Chorale,
Heritage Suite for Orchestra,
Symphony No. 1: Utah,
Heritage Symphonic Dances
is performed by the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra with Richard Williams, Conductor
and the Utah Symphony Orchestra with Joseph Silverstein, Conductor.
"The hit of the evening was Duffy's Symphony #1: Utah which brought the audience to its feet, cheering and stamping." -New York Daily News

Featured on CBS Sunday Morning hosted by Charles Kuralt and Billy Taylor and selected as the official music for the Sierra Club's 100th anniversary.
A Note about Symphony No. 1: Utah...

This work was commissioned by the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club and premiered at Lincoln Center in New York City, November 29, 1989, to draw attention to the prevervation of public lands in southeastern Utah.

John Duffy writes,
"I began sketching musical ideas for the symphony while hiking through southeastern Utah in the spring of 1988. The landscape of this glorious state astounded me. Dramatic contrasts of light and shadow. Violent changes in weather. Expansive vistas. Here in these ancient Indian ruins, canyons, cathedral-like mesas, and fantastical slabs of rock is a spiritual presence and aesthetic wonder of pure, majestic, humbling wilderness. The title of the first movement comes from John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club. "In God's wildness lies the preservation of the world."

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